Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Color Craze - Garnier Olia

My next review for BzzAgent is for Garnier Olia hair color.  A new, more gentle way, to color your hair.  Instead of using harsh chemicals - Olia uses oils ....  great idea!  I did like the kit - it was packaged nicely and the directions were precise & easy to use.
Open the box to find the contents - developing creme, color, bottle, and more.  The same contents are in most coloring kits and there was no exception here.  The best part, though?  The smell was something I could handle - NO harsh chemicals, no nasty coloring kit smell.  Lovely!
So - I started to color.  I followed the directions and did everything as instructed.  I left the color on for about 30 minutes and then lathered, rinsed and applied the conditioner.
Let me say - I really did enjoy this coloring experience!  The smell was something almost floral and a very light scent - something I could stand to smell while waiting my 30 minutes to wash out.  However - when my hair dried, I was amazed.  The color wasn't at all a medium blonde (as the box stated) but, rather, a strawberry blonde.  Yup!  Quite a bit of reddish color was now in my hair & that is not at all what I was going for.  It's OK - it's not really bad, just not what I expected.  One other thing, though, if you have fine (and I mean baby fine hair like mine that tangles easily) - this may cause your hair to frizz up for a few days and tangle up a bit more than normal.  A week later my hair was back to normal (except the strawberry color) so everything was fine!  gotitfree#  buzzagent#


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