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Mosaic Reviews - We Choose Virtues

As part of the Mosaic Reviews team - I was sent a kit from We Choose Virtues to review.  I was excited to be getting something I knew we could use in our home school each day.  We received a set of Virtue Flash Cards, a Parenting Card, the Teacher's Handbook, Family Character Assessment pages, Kids of VirtueVille coloring pages, Youth List of Memory Verses and Bible Heroes, and The Butterfly Award (printable for successful completion of the program).  We got started the moment our kit arrived and have been using it ever since!

Heather McMillan, the creator of We Choose Virtues, wanted to help children reach their personal potential.  Children are sweet, kind, and obedient - right?  Well, maybe most of the time (or maybe not?) - but, we must guide them and teach them how to do what is good.  We must teach them virtues.  Heather saw this need and acted on it - thus, bringing to "life"  We Choose Virtues.

As soon as we received our kit we, collectively, decided that we were going to use the three core virtue cards first and then add a different virtue to work on each week after.  My son is 10 years old and my daughter is 13 years old so I let them have some say in how we would work on this.  We started with the "I am Helpful", "I am Kind", and "I am Obedient" cards.  We hung these cards on the wall (okay - we tacked them up there) above the home school computer which is in the living room and in a place they see every day.

Each flash card has the virtue and an adorable Virtue Kid featured on the front.  The back of each card has a catchphrase, a short explanation, and a scripture to back it up.

Isn't Kettle Gretel darling?

I think the artist, Pete Sutton, deserves acknowledgement here as well.  The artistry on these cards is amazing!  My kids also loved the coloring pages!

After the first week my son chose the "I am Self-Controlled" card and my daughter chose the "I am Diligent" card.  Trust me - these were great virtues that they both needed to work on.  Now neither have perfected their chosen virtue, but I see HUGE improvements in that I don't have to redirect my son all the time and my daughter will work from start to finish on her schoolwork.  Much less time is spent on telling them both "do this ..... "  or "do that .... " and this leaves room for just a bit more fun & relaxation.  Each week we add a new virtue (we also continue with the ones we're already using) and I can't wait until we're using them all!  I'll be honest - there were a few things I found that I still needed to work on .... there's nothing that says parents can't work on their virtues right alongside the kiddos.

One thing I really like about this program is it's versatility and many different ways that you can use the program.  Another big bonus is you don't have to spend a lot to get a lot.  We mainly used the virtue cards and integrated a bit with the Bible verses, the coloring pages, and the assessment pages.  It worked really well for us and I know this would be so valuable for many families and children out there. 

So you have a few options when thinking about purchasing We Choose Virtues.  First - you can choose different versions (NIV, KJV, and secular versions).  We used the NIV version.

There are kits (I've listed three kits here, please visit We Choose Virtues Shopping Page to see all the available kits including choices for public schools & Kid's Church.
You can also choose to purchase single elements separately - which is how we used the program.  We used:
Things you might choose to add:
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We Choose Virtues has helped my children change how they act & react to so many things.  I have enjoyed using this program and plan to continue using it with my children.  I hope you'll give it a try!

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Great review! And,I am so glad that you are already reaping the benefits and seeing results in your children from using the Virtue cards.That is awesome.

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