Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Of course it starts ....

So I wake up this morning to my daughter saying she can't find her glasses. Oh my! Seriously? She must wear them due to surgery and issues with her eyes years ago. So - the day begins and, it seems, on a bad note.

I try to calm down and get them cleaning (which usually helps to find the glasses). It worked - we found them. Seems she fell asleep with them on again .... How many times must I say to take your glasses off before laying down? I feel like I'm talking to the walls around here sometimes.

Friday is here soon. Normally Friday's don't really matter much, but this Friday does. My husband was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer this Monday (Jan. 18, 2010) and he goes in for surgery this Friday. Hopefully that will complete the treatment he needs. They plan to remove the skin and tissue affected and then he will just have to follow up every 3 months or so to make sure nothing else is developing. I hope it's as "simple" as that. I hate that word .... cancer. I actually can't think of a word that describes just how much I despise the word and the disease (all variations of it).

I've been a wreck lately and I know it is, in part, due to the stress of waiting until Friday to see how things go.

I've prayed - I've called out to the Lord, and I've cried. I can't do anymore - it's in His hands now. I believe this will be taken care of and that should be enough.

More later ....


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