Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Must be time to say something

I realize it's been a long time since my last entry. Let's just say things have been "normal" around here. Don't let that throw you off - normal around here is anything but "normal" for anyone else!

Rick's skin cancer melanoma surgery went just fine. We were in and out in lest than an hours time and he's fully recovered now. He recently had another injury - which cause him to need stitches in his head (7 of them to be exact), but he's also gotten those out and things seem to be on the right track at this point.

I got news today that I've been accepted to this travel agency that I've been trying to get on board with! Yay! What great news! I'm so happy about this and start the training in June for it! I know this will be the beginning to a great career that I can call my own, now!

Kids are all good. Home schooling is going quite well. Bobby is reading so much better now and Katie is getting the math down. We might actually be able to take a bit of a Spring Break next week and take some time off. We will see!

Tim just turned 16 and Dallas just turned 13. Now - I've two teenage boys! I just can't believe it. We're going to celebrate with a dinner out at El Jarrito's on Saturday with family and friends. It should be fun to see everyone again.

Well - I want to get some sleep tonight, so off I go! More later (this time not so much later!)


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