Thursday, July 8, 2010

When the sky opens up ...

It pours!

.... So, in just one day we have had my youngest have a mini melt-down, my husbands account (though be it a gaming one, it still gets to me) stolen and deleted, and my computer break down (again)!

Now, we're waiting for the better to come along, because it must!

I had surgery 3 weeks ago and am still recovering. I am feeling quite a bit better now and am starting to get ready to plan the school year for the kiddos. That wll be fun! I am thinking of using Math U See - but, I haven't decided on this 100%, yet. Any thoughts on this?

My friend came over yesterday and helped out in our home. How wonderful it was to get some laundry done (remember the surgery I had? - Well, it's been so hard to get much of anything started - much less completed. My laundry pile must be similar in height to Splash Mountain (which I would rather be riding right now)! The end thought here being that I'm thankful to have such wonderful friends!

So - I'm a Gidget lover. I'm watching it now and have loved this movie for years! I've watched alot of movies lately - not being able to do much of anything active sure contributes to my movie watching ability.

The Grandparents have the kiddos right now - they took them out for dinner. Every now and then I start to think - "where are they"? Then I remember they're with their Grandparents and I really am not in a rush to have them come home. Don't get me wrong - I love them - but, the break is not only needed - it's being enjoyed right now!

I keep promising that the blogging will become more regular and, I think, this time I really mean it! =)


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