Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In the past ....

So - last week is in the past! Whew! What a week it was! I was sick, then I wasn't sick, then my kids were sick, next the hubby was sick - then, I was sick, again!

The weekend wasn't any less busy -- my friends wedding took us for a ride! The first day of spring and it was freezing and - of course - her wedding was outside! We missed the wedding because we were busy helping to set up her reception - but, it was still cold!

Lots of driving on Sunday - back to Katy. (The wedding was near Austin). On the way home we stopped by the small town of Smithville, again. You might remember the town from the movie "Hope Floats"? What a great movie!

Anyway - while we were there - so was Rachael Harris. You might remember her from the movie "The Hangover". She was so sweet and let the kids take a photo with her! She's also in the new movie "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". How exciting to see an actress in a small town on our way home!

Then - back in the car and heading home. Of course we couldn't go home! We had to stop to get Bobby first - he stayed with his Grandparents for the wedding weekend (said he wanted NOTHING to do with a wedding .... much like any 7 year old boy)! While picking him up - Rick had to help with moving things in their effort to get their house ready to sell. So - sometime around 7 pm we ended up at home! Crazy! We left Austin (or near it - in Buda, TX where we were staying) around 12 pm. Long, long weekend!

Anyway - home now. Back to home schooling and work. Sometimes it's hard to keep the kids busy while I try to get other things done -- like writing this! There they are calling me again - I'd better go!

More another time ...


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