Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Saving Memories Forever - Review

As a member of Mosaic Reviews I was asked to try out and review Saving Memories Forever - a program designed to help families record and share memories.  What a GREAT idea & I am so excited to have this program to use now!  I only wish I had this program before my Mother (and countless other family members) passed away.

Saving Memories Forever, founded and created by Harvey and Jane Baker, is a fantastic way to record & store memories - all of which you or your loved one(s) can create and share!  It's a simple as setting up an account, adding a storyteller (entering a name and some basic information) and then clicking through to different prompts which ask questions the storyteller then answers.  There are two parts to the system:  an app for your smartphone & a website.  You use the smartphone to record the stories (which you can share via Facebook) after which you use the website to manage your recordings.

The set up is super simple and doesn't take very long at all.  Head here to see how it works.

Website view of "My Memories" in listener mode - the recordings you've made on your smartphone.

The picture above is what you see when you log in & head to your "My Memories" page.  From here you can share you stories via email with anyone you choose.  Did I mention before that I really wish I had this program years ago?  We all have someone we love - someone we would miss talking to or hearing from, don't we?  I think so & Saving Memories Forever can help you preserve memories in that person's voice and perspective.

"My Memories" page in manager (sharing) mode.

My Boompa (that was the name I gave my Grandfather) passed away years ago & I remember loving his war stories.  We recorded him telling us these stories before - on video - and it was so wonderful!  But, there was only one recording and we didn't end up with it so I can't just go pull it out and watch it when I want to.  If only this program had been around then .....  I think you get the point.  =)

My favorite thing about Saving Memories Forever other than the obvious?  I LOVE the prompts they give you.  I would have had NO idea where to start on this and no clue of what to record for the best memories.  I was so happy to see that they have already asked the questions and I didn't have to make anything up on my own.

So - what if I told you there is a FREE subscription to Saving Memories Forever?  Well - there is!  There are some differences in the free version as compared to the paid (at $3.99/month or $40.00/year) version, though.

FREE Subscription:                                                   
  • Maximum of two Story Tellers
  • Maximum of ten Story Listeners
  • Limit of five stories listened to per day
  • Upload MP3 files less than 25Mb from PC directly to website
  • Download a zip file of all your stories (for a fee of $12.95 / per 3 month period)
  • Add transcription file to story
  • Add photograph of Story Teller
  • Add tags to stories
  • Search site for relatives stories
  • Use of free iPhone app
Premium Subscription ($3.99 per month or $40.00 per year):
  • Unlimited number of Story Tellers
  • Unlimited number of Story Listeners
  • Unlimited number of stories you can listen to per day
  • Upload MP3 files less than 25Mb from PC directly to website
  • Use tags to search for stories
  • Add photographs to story
  • Ability to attach word documents
  • Download a zip file of all your stories (FREE with subscription)
  • Add transcription file to a story
  • Add photograph of Story Teller
  • Add tags to stories
  • Search site for relatives stories
  • Use of free iPhone app  

Saving Memories Forever is something every family can use, have fun with, learn about other family members, and have a wonderful digital keepsake for years to come.  If you try the free version - you can always upgrade to the paid version later if you want to take advantage of the extra features. 


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