Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Waterproof Bible - A Mosaic Review

Let me first say that when I was asked, by Mosaic Reviews, to review the Waterproof Bible by Bardin & Marsee Publishing - I was very excited!  I'd been wanting and needing a Bible that could withstand the elements and my children.  Yes, my children.  Though they try to be careful - the pages on a Bible are just so thin and easily torn.

My pretty, pink Waterproof Bible (front cover)

I love the design on the front cover - isn't it pretty?  The entire Bible (cover, pages, binding, etc.) is 100% waterproof inside and out.  It is made of 100% synthetic materials and, because of this, you won't have to worry about water, mud, dirt, sand or even a bubble bath ruining your Bible!  I had to throw in the bubble bath because that is where I like to read.

Let's get down to business with the waterproof part!  This was REALLY hard for me to do because I have always taken really good care of my Bible(s).  I'll start by saying that nothing I did had any negative impact on the Bible at all.  I used a ball point pen to underline or write and a dry highlighter (do not use a regular highlighter - it will smear) for things I wanted to quickly reference. Okay - now some photos!

That is my Waterproof Bible floating in my bathtub.  I wanted to test it's ability to float & it does! 
Just out of the bathtub soak & float!  No damage to the pages or print at all!  The water just rolls right off.
See the water to the left of the photo?  This is my Bible laid out after its bath.  It was really wet & there is no damage at all!

 Still not believing it?  Keep scrolling ......

It rained & I saw the perfect opportunity to test this Bible out with mud.
Time to clean it up!  The water just runs down the pages and takes the muddy grime right off!
Almost all clean again!
Like new, again! 

 Did you notice that the print doesn't smear & the pages just wipe clean.  I also LOVE that when you write or highlight in this Bible - you cannot see your writing on the backside of the same page.

My highlighting & writing. 

So - if you are looking for a Bible that you can take with you anywhere - THIS is it! 

Outside binding view
As you can see - I received the King James Version - New Testament plus Psalms and Proverbs of the Waterproof Bible.   You can also purchase full versions (both Old & New Testament).   There are a number of versions to choose from:

The prices for each are:
  • Old & New Testament Bibles - $39.95 - $44.95
  • New Testament plus Psalms and Proverbs - $24.95
  • Imprint Personalization - $7.00
You can also purchase additional things:
  • Accessories - Waterproof Bible jackets ($16.95 - $29.95), All weather journals & sketch books ($5.95 - $18.95), pens & dry highlighters ($3.25 - $12.00), and more!
  • Specials & Clearance Page - You may find something you want for much less than the normal price here!
  • GIVE - Here you can purchase a Waterproof Bible to be given to someone / some group needing them.  Read more about this wonderful program here!
There are five cover designs & colors you can choose from (the Blue Wave & LilyPad are only available in certain versions from what I see):



Blue Wave

The Waterproof Bible by Bardin & Marsee Publishing is great for anyone who wants or needs a Bible that can withstand everyday & out of the ordinary situations.  Do you know someone in the military or maybe someone who enjoys the outdoors?  What a great gift this would make!  I love this Bible & will continue to use it every day!


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