Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School is all year!

We don't really have a "back to school" day.  We school all year long.  It so happens that we haven't actually started classes, yet, we plan to do that just after Labor Day this year.  But, things we do all year long are school and learning related.  We don't technically take off for the summer.  My children are still learning during those months - we'll travel, or read, or talk, or do art projects - anything that teaches them something new. 

So - how do you school?  Are you like us and go all year round - just not formally the entire time?  Do you take a couple of months of for "summer"?  Do you have another way you do things?   I'm interested in knowing so please share!

Tonight is our Home school group "back to school" function - so, that must be what stirred up my interest in how we and others home school.  Tonight we'll at least get the kids signed up for their age groups meetings and I'll sign up for the meal group that supplies meals for those families who are going through a rough time. 

I'd better get ready - need to leave in the next hour or so!


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