Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Home School Grades - A Mosaic Review

As a part of Mosaic Reviews, I was asked to review My Home School Grades - an online program that gives you a way to track student grades and activities throughout the years & even prepares official, college ready transcripts.

My Home School Grades allows you to manage your student's grades easily & effectively.  You can choose if you want to use letter grades (A, A+), number grades (93), or even fractions (13/15).  You can see below that we use letter grades.

Letter Grading Option

My Home School Grades lets you use your own curriculum and lesson plans when adding a class.  It's easy to set up and they're adding new curriculum all the time.  We are, in part, using Alpha Omega - Switched on Schoolhouse this year & so we were able to add the lessons, quizzes, and tests we wanted and update grades that way.  A few of the other curriculum options listed on My Home School Grades are Teaching Textbooks, Math U See, Apologia and much more.  You, also have the option to add other or custom curriculum.  It's very versatile & useful for any home schooling family!

Some Curriculum options when adding a class

My Home School Grades even lets you track extra curricular activities!  I love this feature!  I aspire to be SUPER organized (granted, it doesn't always work out that way), but this is a great option especially if you have a lot of extras going on.

Add an activity option

Now - are you ready for something that is going to save you a TON of time, stress, and yelling at inanimate objects?  Well, here it is - My Home School Grades will help you prepare official, college ready transcripts!  Yes it will!  How great is that?

See that handy transcript button?  Just click it & voila!  ALL of your needed & required information is turned into an official and college ready transcript!

My Home School Grades was founded in 2012 by a Home School Dad named John Echols and a Home School Graduate named Jordan Shute.  Seeing the need to gather a family's home school experience and information all in one place, they worked together to create My Home School Grades.

The cost for  My Home School Grades is incredibly reasonable!  Just $49.99 for a LIFETIME membership - yes, lifetime!  What's even better than that?  I'm actually not sure - but, the two week FREE trial is a great way to see just how useful the program is & how well it will work with your home school.  The free trial does not require a credit card to sign up as you'll have a chance to purchase the program after your trial time is up.

The support system for My Home School Grades is phenomenal!  You can use the page to find information such as:

You can find My Home School Grades in some other places as well:
I think you'll love My Home School Grades for your home school as much as we love the program!  I encourage you to try the two week FREE trial and see how much it can help you!


Roberta Peavey said...

Nice review. Love your blog layout too.

Jennifer said...

I love how easy it is to make a beautiful transcript.

Kimberly Richter said...

Thank you, Roberta.

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