Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Do We Know God Is Really There? - A Mosaic Review

As a member of Mosaic Reviews I was asked to read and review HOW DO WE KNOW GOD IS REALLY THERE?, by Melissa Cain Travis and illustrated by Christopher Voss.  Apologia is the publishing company.

This book is about a father and son who spend an hour, each night, in their backyard tree house.  They would use this time to take turns telling each other about their day.  On nights when the sky was exceptionally clear - Dad would bring out the telescope, they would study a sky map, and - together - would decide on a planet or stars to watch that night.  In doing this - the son, Thomas, begins to wonder if God is really out there.  He asks his Dad and the rest of the story attempts to explain how we KNOW that God really IS there.  HOW DO WE KNOW GOD IS REALLY THERE? approaches the answer - YES, God really IS there - in a very creative way and my entire family was entertained while reading this. 

It really is a great book with a positive message we can all benefit from.  While it is certainly meant to be read to younger children - my children (I'm including my husband here) truly enjoyed this book.  We also all appreciated the illustrations throughout this book.

  • ISBN: 978-1-935495-96-3
  • $ 16.00 


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