Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Classical Historian - Ancient History Go Fish Game

As part of The Mosaic Reviews Team, I was asked to try The Classical Historian - Ancient History Go Fish Game, by John and Zdenka De Gree.  I'm always excited when I can combine learning with game play in our home school and this was just the thing we needed to pair with our History curriculum.

While you can play Go Fish with these cards - there are three other games you can also play:  Collect the Cards, Chronology, and Continents.  There are instructions for each game inside the box.

The Four Games

  1. Go Fish - The goal is to collect all four-of-a-kind cards from twelve different categories.  The player with the most sets - at the end of the game - wins.
  2. Collect the Cards - Players use historical facts (read aloud by another player) to try and guess the image on a card.  By guessing correctly - the player collects the card and the player with the most cards ... wins!
  3. Chronology - Using only given cards (per the instructions) - the cards are shuffled.  A player then must assemble all the cards in chronological order - the fastest player / time wins!
  4. Continents - With the Continent cards on the playing field - the other cards are shuffled.  The player then assembles all the cards under the correct Continent.  Fastest time wins!
The Ancient History Go Fish Game is fun and my children enjoyed it.  I liked how durable the cards were as well as the factual information listed on each card. 

John and Zdenka De Gree - the creators of The Classical Historian have many other options for your home school as well.  Some of the other things offered are: 
The Ancient History Go Fish Game costs $11.95 - a great price for a fun and effective learning game.  The other Go Fish Games (also $11.95 each or $29.95 for all three sold in a bundle) that The Classical Historian offers are Medieval Go Fish and American History Go Fish.  We didn't get to try out the Memory Games, but we plan to order one soon since we loved the Go Fish Game.  The Memory Games offered are Ancient History, Medieval History, and American History and they are $14.95 each or $39.95 for all three ordered as a bundle.

If you're looking for a fun way for your children to learn History - give The Classical Historian a try.  With curriculum, games and flash cards, and many more things - you're sure to find something your home school needs.  I know we have!


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