Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Homeschool Programming, Inc. - A Mosaic Review

As a part of Mosaic Reviews, I was asked to try and review a computer programming course meant to teach kids and teens how to write programs, Android applications, and games.  Homeschool Programming, Inc. is geared toward kids and teens between 4th and 12th grade (although I found it very interesting and helpful myself).   You can read more about the founders of this company here.

There are a number of different courses available for purchase, but the one we actually tried was KidCoder: Beginning Web Design.  We loved that there was no previous programming experience required as the program teaches everything they need to know - of course, basic computer usage knowledge (using a keyboard & mouse, select & run programs) is needed to begin.  Each course has a first semester & second semester included. 

The layout of the program & chapters is wonderful - I love that it is easily navigated.  The only issue I had with usage was the manual - which I had to option to print out, but opted against it simply because I would rather "save the trees".  It was really just a matter of getting used to opening up the .pdf files as my kiddos needed them.  However, keep in mind, when you purchase the printed version - a textbook and course CD are included. 

My screenshot of the course, chapters, and activities - very user friendly!

Something else that my children and I both found quite useful about the program was how it walks you through everything.  There are little tips, screenshots of what something should look like, and more throughout the activities.

Example of a tip you may find throughout the course

An example of what the course is trying to define at a certain point - we love the walk through help!

As I said earlier, there are other Homeschool Programming, Inc. courses available for purchase.  When purchasing each one there is an option to purchase the entire series, just the 1st semester, or just the 2nd semester.  Additionally - there is an option to purchase the courses only, courses and videos, or videos only.  Below - I am including the price for the entire series including the courses only.  By navigating the links below, you can see the other costs.  The KidCoder Courses are recommended for 4th-12th grade and the TeenCoder Courses are recommended for 9th-12th grade. 

Windows Programming (1st Semester)  -  Build programming skills
Game Programming (2nd Semester)  -  Learn to write computer games        
Beginning Web Design (1st Semester)  -  Create websites with simple HTML
Advanced Web Design (2nd Semester)  -  Learn HTML5, CSS3, & JavaScript
Windows Programming (1st Semester)  -  Learn C# programming skills
Game Programming (2nd Semester)  -  Write graphical computer games in C#
Java Programming (1st Semester)  -  Learn Java programming skills
Android Programming (2nd Semester)  -  Write programs for Android devices

Something that may help you in deciding if these courses are something your child may be interested in are the sample pages and the demonstration videos.   These pages may also help you in deciding which course to being with. 

We have truly enjoyed using this programming course in our homeschool and, if you are looking for any kind of computer science option for your homeschool (or just in general), this is a great option! 

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Homeschool Programming, Inc.
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