Sunday, September 8, 2013

EEME / Electronic Projects for Kids - A Mosaic Review

Looking for some fun science projects?  As a part of Mosaic Reviews, I was asked to try out one of the projects from EEME.  Jack Pien, the founder of EEME, was dissatisfied with all the educational toys out there and wanted something that not only could children build themselves, but also learn about what they were building.  We got to try the Genius Light project (scroll down almost to the middle of the page).

The contents of our Genius Light Project kit

EEME offers hands-on project kits with video references for kids ages 7 - 12 years old.  I do think older kids (and even younger kids - with parental guidance) would also enjoy and be able to use these kits.  They have two choices when it comes to the monthly subscriptions:

We enjoyed working on this together and my husband was even able to join in on the fun.  I loved how the videos walked us (especially me - one with little knowledge and understanding of putting these things together) through the entire project.  It was a GREAT step by step learning experience.  All of my children enjoyed putting this together - even the "not so interested in much of anything educational" 16 year old.

Our version after watching the video
Video reference

The kids all got to do something - the videos had us changing things up a few times to see how different ways of arranging the wires & resistors had different outcomes on our finished project.

An screenshot of one of the videos included in this project
Showing different ways to build
The light is working!

Redoing the wires
Changing things up again

Our finished project was pretty neat!  The kids were excited to see it work and they enjoyed, even more, knowing how it worked.  They had the basic concept of the circuits and electricity down before this project, but they really did learn some new things.  I enjoyed the video portions of the lessons.  EEME does have the option to sign up to watch FREE online lessons to teach your kids electronics.

Finishing Up!

Finished Project!

EEME is offering my readers their first month FREE towards a subscription (meaning you would get the Genius Light project - that I received) by clicking here to sign up.  This offer ends on September 16, 2013 - so, act quickly!  If you have any questions - you can reach the founder, Jack, by email :

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