Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Math Mammoth - A Mosaic Review

Math is our favorite subject around here and I was so excited when we were asked to review Math Mammoth!  I am pretty particular about what Math curriculum and programs we use and I had wanted to try Math Mammoth for quite some time.

We were given the Light Blue Series - Grade 4.  Math Mammoth offers so many different options and I just love being given options!  They offer the Light Blue Series which is a Complete Curriculum that is available by grade (Grades 1 - 6).  There is also a Blue Series which offers worktexts or units on specific topics for grades 1 - 6 (and some 7th grade), a Golden Series which includes worksheets for grades 3 - Algebra I consisting of two parts (A & B) for each grade, Review Workbooks for grades 1 - 5, and Real-Life Math
for grades 3 - 12 .  As I said - SO many options here - there is something that for every student!

One of our favorite things about Math Mammoth is how the workbook pages look.  They are organized and colorful!  My son enjoys math - but, sometimes it's just a bunch of problems bunched up on a single page and this drives him crazy.  He enjoyed the organization that these pages offered.
This video tells you about the Light Blue Series from Math Mammoth.  Also - don't forget to check out the page with Free Stuff - everyone loves something free!

As a homeschooling Mom - I love that Math Mammoth focuses for a fairly long time on any given topic.  It does NOT rush through topics in an effort to finish at a fast pace.  My next favorite thing about the program is that it is very visual and, at the same time, it promotes the use of mental math.  Another good point is that there is very little preparation time needed by the teacher - everything is walked through in the worktext pages.

We have truly enjoyed using Math Mammoth and will continue to use it as we complete the full 4th Grade curriculum.  If you are looking for something VERY teacher and student friendly - give Math Mammoth a try.

In order to purchase Math Mammoth (since nothing is sold on the actual site) - you can visit the following pages.  Please keep in mind that the prices vary depending on what you purchase:

Download Versions:
CD Versions:
Printed Versions:
 *BONUS*: If you buy the Light Blue series products on a CD, or in Kagi store as downloads, you will also get Soft-Pak elementary math & language arts programs completely free.

The creator of Math Mammoth, Maria Miller, wanted to help students understand math in a way she would teach it and, thus, the idea of Math Mammoth was created.  You can read more about Maria Miller if you would like - her story is interesting. You may still have some questions which you may find answers to on the FAQ page.  You can contact Math Mammoth by clicking HERE.

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